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Thread: Dream tank idea

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolnametaken View Post
    Sounds great. As far as lighting... Give the guys at 21LED a call. They’re based in Ft Worth and have premium quality lights at insane prices. I’ve been running their lights for a over a year and absolutely love them. I just purchased a new set up from them that I’ll be using on my 125. They also sell the sunsetter timer that gradually increases/decreases the lights to mimic sunrise and sunset. I used to run Current USA lights with good success until I had a problem with their timer and found out their customer service was awful. Found 21 LED and never plan on using anything else (unless they go out of business). Plus, if something goes wrong I can always drive to Ft Worth and complain in person.
    awesome info I now plan on using their strip lights for lighting the fish room I'm building, I just did a build on their website of waterproof 10k white leds 20ft long with wifi dimmer and power supply for $40 that is an awesome deal
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    I run (3) of their 8000k and (1) actinic currently in a hi- tech heavily planted tank with superior results compared to other lighting systems Ive used over the years. Im actually right in the middle of tearing old tank down. Anyone want a 5 gallon bucket full of java fern?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virc003 View Post
    Some other thoughts: plants in general love to take over under different circumstances. Mostly lighting decides which plant takes over. Use the deep tank to this advantage and provide small spots of high light using pendant lighting to keep the fast growers confined naturally to one area. Planting on driftwood/trees would be another way to confined a fast growing species.
    Using pendants to control the spread of plants is brilliant. We definitely have some plants that just cover the entire tank. It would be nice to be able to isolate them. On the flip side, it would be nice to have darker areas to make fish more comfortable. You've given me a whole new way to look at lighting. Thanks.


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