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    Alright, I know this sounds weird but they are very useful. I am more looking to see if anyone else has used them. If so, what brand? I got a cheap one off of which I believe was the AGPtek brand. It works well for diagnosing drain and piping issues, along with finding night time critters or cave dwellers. My only issue is the quality. Anyone know of a good one or better one to use? If it comes down to it, I may just be using a GoPro camera and a stick to get better quality.

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    Alright, sounds like I am the only crazy one...
    Guess I am going Go Pro on a stick or fishing line

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    hmmm....I'm guessing that umm....I have no clue what you're talking about lol!!!
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    If you're talking about taking fish photos - an endoscope is not going to yield high quality photos. The reason is that the lens on the endoscope is designed for two specific qualities: as wide an angle of view as possible which is good for seeing as much as you can inside a pipe. The second issue at hand is the lens - which is literally designed to put up with some nasty sh*t - is a poor quality lens. In both cases, the endoscope sacrifices quality for purpose and if you're goal is to take amazing photos of fish - it's the wrong choice. To take photos inside a tank, the goPro is a solid choice - and if you film in 4k, you can pull "still frames" from the video feed. There are options to go up from there - such as a DSLR in a waterproof housing - but you're talking a difference of thousands of dollars. Experiment with lighting from outside the tank and above the tank.

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    There's a video one you can get which plumbers use to see what's clogging up pipes. I think they take stills too.

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    try adjusting your shudder speed, and frame rate. also turning off pumps, and turning on just the whites will help too.
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