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Thread: Taking pictures of moving fish

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    I have an older olympus shockproof and waterproof - most of my cameras do not live long and guess what happens if I use the PHONE as a camera. Went through 3 phones last year, one during use as a camera.

    Got worried the cellphones were going to drive Olympus out of business, ordered a new but refurbished Olympus Tough last week. My old one is still running but it is slower on saving than it was 5 years ago
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    Anyone know of anything like this for the iPhone?

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    I cant wait to get a good camera. Right now i use my galaxy. And i just hold dont the button and it takes like 20 picuters quickly. Then i go on the computer and delete the crappy ones. Its a hassle but it works till i can get a dedicated camera

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    I either take a boat load of photos, or the trick Ive learned with the horses is to take a video, then screenshot stills that I like. I’ve gotten some fairly nice photos that way.


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