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    Just wanted to post some results of my roommates and I's experience with this disease killing method. Luckily, the display tank is fish only with live rock so doing this in the display is not a problem for us. We have a Yellow Eye Kole Tang, a Yellow Tang, a Humu Trigger and a Lion fish. We got the Humu, Yellow Eye and the Yellow pretty much at the same time. The Yellow showed signs of Ick so we did the freshwater dip first. Then they Yellow Eye did too. After a few dips I decided to try the hyposalinity method. The Yellow Eye we were pretty sure was going to die. After two days at the lower salinity the Yellow eye is now looking better and eating again, the other fish are doing great. Maybe its just beginners luck but the hyposalinity seems to be an awesome disease control method and it should leave the tank completely disease free. Just wanted to post my experience with it.
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    Garlic mixed with their food will also help keep their immune systems up

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