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    I think that some of the fish in my 30 gallon are sick. I that it is a fungus outbreak. I have turned the heat up a little and have treated them with Aquarium Pharmaceuticals API Fungus cure. It turns the water all neon green. I remember once apon a time that I used it and it worked well. I don't know if there is anyone out there with any other suggestions or if they have any experince using this porduct. I just want to know if it will hurt my bio wheel or the other fish. Don't think so but, just thought that I would ask. Any help is appreciated.


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    I wouldn't worry about the other fish or the biowheel, just make sure you take out any carbon.
    I was just using the same stuff to treat one of my daughter's fish in our 20g, the other one in there wasn't sick and made it through the meds just fine.

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    I would turn the heat up to 82-85 though.....and welcome!
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    What size filter want some extras for parts?

    Bio-Wheel will be fine.
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    Yeah I will take any extra parts you might have. I have the 280 emperor. I have plenty of bio wheels so you can keep those for someone else. But, anything else would be nice.

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