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Thread: Reid429's 29 gallon saltwater build 56k warning

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    Default Reid429's 29 gallon saltwater build 56k warning

    I started the saltwater adventure with a cheap tank off craigslist. It became an addiction and it continues. I was playing around on craigslist and happened to stumble upon this lil gem a 29 gallon tank brand new, stand,cheap light,hob filter,extra protein skimmer and some other misc accessories for super cheap. I went and picked it up and couldnt wait to set it up.
    tank in its place and thanks to waterdog on the boards for the FREE caribsea white sand that was dead.

    The next step was to step up my skimmer for this larger tank as I always wanted one of these. Thanks to Kleankord for the deal on the cpr bakpak 2r+ desgigned for a reef aquarium. I decided to throw my heater in the side of the cpr to free up tank space and it works perfectly.

    The next step in the endeavour was to find a different light. The light I had was amazing but I wanted a 4 bulb t5 and RichardB had one for sale and I had to pick it up. I replaced all the bulbs and am now running 1 glo ho 10,000k and 3 glo 420nm acitnic which was a great combo for me. The light is dirty here but is now very clean.

    The next step was to begin adding water and my original cleanup crew from 20 gallon I had. Loving this new deep sand bed as well.

    Time to begin adding my corals along with my live rock. I currently have near 55lbs of fiji,pukani and tonga branch. here they are
    pink lemonade zoa and purple xenia courtesy of the popes softy pack

    I believe these to be bleeding heart zoas but unsure of the id

    random zoa unsure of the id picked up from dfwmas frag swap

    eagle eye zoa

    blue/green trumpet coral

    picture doesnt do this justice but its a hot electric pink mushroom

    kenya tree

    pink with green tip hammer coral, some pieces have purple tips swirled

    green with purple tip frogspawn

    my newest addition green bubble coral

    prism favia

    nuclear green favia

    random zoa have no id for them

    Rhoadactus thanks pope

    gsp beginning to encrust this little rock, thanks again pope

    the lone candy cane coral, thanks pope its growing

    I scoured craigslist and found this false perc and had to snag her up

    I then felt that she was very lonely and added this lil boy to match up

    I then found my favorite fish this lil marshall island flame angel courtesy rift to reef

    I initially picked this yellow tang up for my father in laws tank but when my son saw him he screamed big bird and would not let me take him out of the tank to take over to his house so for now he will grow a bit in this tank.

    here is the tank as it sits right now, the extra heater was added until i get a larger heater to place in the cpr

    salt is really easy, if your scared just do it and get it over with.

    29 gallon tank with stand
    odyssea 4 bulb t5ho with 1 10000k and 3 420nm actinic glo ho bulbs
    cpr bakpak 2r+ skimmer
    hydor koralia nano 425 powerhead
    hydor 50 watt heater

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    looks awesome!! great pictures!

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    Looks AWESOME!
    Say hello to my little friend!

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    Thanks. My peppermint shrimp ate a whole head of frogspawn last night. I woke up to him still chomping on it. My aptasia is gone so now this lil fugger is gone

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    I don't see any skrimps!

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    He hides under the rocks. Just one. Trying to get him to crawl my finger and catch him

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    looks good reid
    120 REEF TANK

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    If you put like eight nets in there he is bound to crawl into one lol

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    Looks good. I just wouldn't be me if I didn't caution you about that many fish in a new tank, so I'll throw that out there. Tangs usually need more room. Good luck with it. You have some nice, hearty corals in there. I think the tank will mature into something really stunning.
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    Yea it Is a lot of fish in there. I used my old water and everything looks to be transitioning great. I'm doing weekly water changes which seems to be helping and my levels are staying in check. Just this damn pep shrimp is gonna get it. The tang I'm against having in this tank for sure but its gonna be gone this weekend for sure to be in laws tank so my son will have to see big bird over there

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