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    Yesterday, 07:51 AM
    Eleocharis Belem or eleocharis acicularis can you get any of that dane ? jap. dwarf hairgrass "mini" or just mini dwarf hairgrass
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    04-17-2019, 01:13 AM
    GH 6-8 and KH: 2–5. inert substrate fluval stratum , or mr. aqua substrate. with moss, and a sponge filter.
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    04-08-2019, 12:54 AM
    unless they changed it. sellers can start coming in at 9, buyers can start coming in at 10, and the auction starts at 11. silent auction bids start at a dollar and increase by $1.00 so. $1.00 $2.00 $3.00 if some one puts down $1.00 and then you put down $1.50 you do not have a valid bid.
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    04-02-2019, 12:16 AM
    don't try to mult. task. here hold my soda and watch this. :P go back to bed. we might have cars to drive in the morning.
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    03-31-2019, 11:46 PM
    yep I was there with Robert. it was cool, Robert picked up a 3 beacon pleco saturday for a good price, and almost bought a water melon pleco yesterday. me I bought 6 bunches of microsword foreground plant(S) that equal around 3-5 pots of mircosword for 12.00 which would be 125-150 here in stores. i also got a medium piece of spiderwood for 7.00 which would of been 35-50 here. 2 large piece of spiderwood for 30.00 each that would of been...
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    03-25-2019, 10:53 PM
    Imprezadude replied to a thread Hello in Introductions
    just some, mult. tank syndrome if I ever saw it. that's you. how many storage units you have of aquarium stuff now. ha ha.
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    03-25-2019, 10:26 PM
    it's alright. I had my helmet.
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    03-25-2019, 08:08 PM
    yep Robert bought two tickets, but his girlfriend couldn't go so I'm going in her place and going to pay him back. oh and robert it's good when people lay down and fall a sleep.
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    03-22-2019, 08:45 AM
    How much for one pack of blood worms and a sunkist. oh and cake. yes how much for a sunkist,slice of cheese cake, and a pack of blood worms.
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    03-22-2019, 08:37 AM
    SEACHEM is what most use. I use prime. but from the seachem lab... asking why it might not be good to over dose. It is a reducing agent, so what can cause an issue when over-dosed is that if there aren't enough other things in the water to react with, like nitrogenous waste or chlorine, it will react with and reduce oxygen. This can suffocate the inhabitants of your tank. It sounds like you used it in an aquarium which doesn't have livestock...
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    03-22-2019, 08:03 AM
    nah, NO! you love plecos.
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    03-22-2019, 07:11 AM
    when is the next meeting? guess most club members are going to Aquashelia.
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