Update - 9 Months Into The Hobby

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I was going to post this as a comment to biggin's request for an update, but it quickly got too long for that. First...The biggest change for me is becoming the Fishbox admin. Biggin has real life holding him down and I threw my name out there. I have to say I'm honored by what Ive been entrusted with. Secondly, Its more like 9 months, not 15. I started the hobby last June.

On to the fish stuff... I need to post a build thread, but I keep changing how I have things and its a mess. I bought a 48x24 footprint Husky metal shelf for the 10g tanks. One 10g has halfway become lids for 4 of the tanks. I tore the tank apart but haven't cleaned the silicone or cut the glass down. The glass is just sitting on top of the trim for now.

I have sponge and box filters with an EcoPlus 1 air pump for them. The first 10g is still in the house, in the garage are 3 fresh and 1 salt. The 55g went to ewhitt03 (whole lot of pointless drama on my part there).

I happened across another 55g leaker and have started tearing it down. I'm going to try something stupid. I'm removing a side, cutting it down to 12 inches, and putting it on the top (making it a 55g breeder). I'll use the cut scrap to make a center brace. I figure its on a foam base so the weaker side vs tempered bottom shouldn't be a huge issue. The weight should be evenly distributed. Worst case, its in the garage right by the door. No risk to property.

I have one major problem. I bought 3 48" T8 shop lights from Walmart. Just after 2 months and all three ballasts have failed. That's what a $10 fixture gets you I suppose. I'll rewire them with some replacement ballasts from Home Depot, hopefully this weekend.

Oh... and Donny molted again. He's turning into a delicious looking fat snack. With the boiling season on us, I'll have to get myself some crawfish to satiate my appetite. Otherwise, he may find himself in a pot.

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  1. biggin's Avatar
    If you use Prime it is supposedly not good to eat anything in the water with it... just a FYI... I am not sure of any scientific proof of such but there are a lot of warnings.

    I know people who have eaten pacu and a number of other large fish with no ill effects.

    I saw you post on the 55g somewhere else, and just now figured out what you are doing. Interesting.

    Sounds like you are well on your way to a mess. I have about 8 ballast mostly Ice Caps in the shed, that would work for you if you want them.
  2. Planofish's Avatar
    That's cool