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Hey everyone I'm new to this website and don't understand hoe to post a for sale ad. If any one can help me that would be greatly appreciated!

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Updated 03-06-2014 at 02:08 PM by biggin

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  1. Malefactor's Avatar
    need more posts. Gotta have 20 posts / replies before you can deal with the buy / sale / freebies. That way we don't get spammers and people just trying to buy, sell and trade.
  2. copeboy123's Avatar
    Alright thanks so much! I was just reeferd hear by a friend so I had no idea how this site worked haha!
  3. Malefactor's Avatar
    Yeah, it's an awesome site. More of a community than a site. That's why it's all local people. I haven't had the pleasure due to time at work, but from what i hear they all get together on occasion for different clubs and meetings about their particular niche of the hobby. Hence why there's a post limit ect to demote random sales and promote the community feel to the place. It's a great place for people who enjoy fish and tanks and all that goes with it.
  4. Planofish's Avatar
    me too cool!