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    Pleco Breeding

    Get what you feel comfortable with. Sometimes you have to pay to play. Might find something on
    Amazon with free shipping

    bristlenosedude Today, 10:02 PM Go to last post

    Back after hiatus

    Thanks, plant lady! I'll do my best!

    MrXin Today, 09:51 PM Go to last post

    Pleco Breeding

    It was stenofft aquatics (I think is how you spell it ) he uses them for all of his pleco tanks and has a breeding for profit tank where he has 5 pairs

    madbadger98 Today, 09:48 PM Go to last post
    plant lady

    Back after hiatus

    Welcome to the box! We're so glad you've joined us! I'm sure there's plenty of people who will want to pick your brain about shrimp. You sound like you've

    plant lady Today, 09:40 PM Go to last post

    Pleco Breeding

    I think you will be disappointed in these, almost certain they will be far to small. Mine came from Rosenthal Pottery. See he is on Aqua Bid again. You

    bristlenosedude Today, 08:54 PM Go to last post