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  • DFWFishbox Site Rules

    Registration to this forum is free!

    We do ask though that you abide by the rules and policies detailed below.

    1. Religious/Political discussions are NOT allowed

    2. Personal attacks on fellow members will NOT be tolerated
    Any individual attempting to discredit or attack the moderators, members, or DFWFishbox itself may be banned.

    3. Be considerate & professional at all times to other members on the forum
    The opinions expressed here are those of the individuals expressing them and do not reflect the attitudes, views, impressions or beliefs of DFWFishbox, its owners, or representatives. DFWFishbox provides this electronic bulletin board free for the benefit, use, and enjoyment of our members and readers. While it is our hope that users of this site will conduct themselves scrupulously and with the highest regard for honesty, DFWFishbox cannot vouch for or verify the truthfulness or accuracy of any of the information or representations posted by members and users of this site. DFWFishbox is not responsible for the accuracy, copyright compliance, legality or decency of information contained in the materials posted here. Readers are urged to verify independently the accuracy of any representations made here before relying on such information for any purpose. DFWFishbox is neither responsible nor liable for any adverse consequences that may befall any member or reader whose reliance upon information displayed on these electronic pages causes them emotional, economic, or material damage.Members and readers are cautioned that though experience has shown most who participate in similar sites catering to the interests of enthusiasts do so with the best intentions and observe the rules of common courtesy there are those few who, for whatever reason, engage in deliberately provocative, aggravating, or deceitful conduct with the intent to cause mischief. DFWFishbox reserves the right in its sole discretion to close any forum topic thread and suspend the posting rights of any member or other user when, in its judgment, that member or user engages in conduct on the board that appears to be intended for the sole purpose of broadcasting personal invective against DFWFishbox, its moderators, members, and users, with no apparent redeeming purpose or objective.

    4. One Username Per Account
    Users are only permitted to have one username on the site. Any individual attempting to login using multiple usernames, or providing fraudulent information for the purpose of deception may be banned from the site.

    5. DFWFishbox is not your profit center
    Members have access to sell hobby related items via the Fish Monger section of the forum. This is not a place to conduct business, rather a community function to help move unwanted items. Non-Supporting members will be allowed 1 ad per 30 day period, Site-Supporters will be allowed 3 ads per 30 day period. See Fish Monger Rules for additional details.

    6. Commercial Advertising
    If you are a business (or have any ties to a business) and are NOT a Retail Sponsor of DFWFishbox, you are prohibited from advertising your company's products and/or services on the forum. This includes usernames, links, posts, signatures, private messaging other members, etc.. Anyone found violating this is subject to immediate action from DFWFishbox.We have avenues to become a Retail Sponsor See Additional Rules
    7. Keep it Clean PG13
    No vulgarity or nudity in signatures, avatars, or galleries. Any and all comments and pictures posted by a user in their profile or gallery must be of a positive nature. Negative images, depictions, or comments are not acceptable. Images and comments may be removed at the staff’s discretion for any or no reason.

    Pornography is not permitted

    9. Personal Information
    Please do not post your personal contact information (phone number, email, address, etc...) in the open forums. This will help protect your information and does the site does not have to edit the information later.

    Additional Regulations:

    The text and images (collectively, "the material") contained in this and all other related web pages of DFWFishbox are protected by Copyright © 2007 - 2013 by DFWFishbox. Except as allowed by law for the purposes of fair use, the materials appearing on DFWFishbox may not be copied or reproduced in any form whatsoever without the prior authorization and consent of DFWFishbox. Any unauthorized copying or reproduction of the material appearing on DFWFishbox is a violation of Federal and International copyright laws. Under the Fair Use doctrine, members may print or produce a single copy of any of this material for their own individual use, so long as all copyright notices, web URL links and author credits remain intact. Any commercial use, reproduction, or posting of this material to another web site or to another internet forum in whole or in part, without the prior authorization or consent of DFWFishbox is prohibited. When you register you are required to give a small amount of information, much of which is optional, anything you do give must be considered as becoming public information.
    You are welcome to post original material to DFWFishbox, however you are not authorized to post or reproduce material to which the copyright is held by another unless you have their express permission to do so. DFWFishbox respects the rights (including the intellectual property rights) of others, and we ask our users to do the same. DFWFishbox may, in appropriate circumstances and in its sole discretion, terminate the accounts of members who infringe or otherwise violate such rights of others.Members and other users who cannot abide these rules can take their disagreements outside the public areas of DFWFishbox either through private messaging, email, or telephone.

    You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless this forum and their agents with respect to any claim based upon any post you may make. We also reserve the right to reveal whatever information we know about you in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by yourself.

    No excessive cheerleading, factionalism, or fighting permitted. If members make more than one negative comment in a thread we ask that you refrain from additional commenting. The additional negative comments will not constructively contribute to the thread in question.

    DFWFishbox reserves the right at any time to make any and all changes to the appearance and operation of DFWFishbox that it deems appropriate, including opening or closing forums, adding or deleting functions, and even closing the entire forum.

    The Offense Structure

    1st Offense: A formal warning will be sent via PM
    Upon a members first offense, a PM will be sent to them informing them of the rule violation and they will also be informed of this Offense Structure.

    2nd Offense: Account Suspension for 14 days
    Upon a members second offense, the member will have their account suspended for 14 days. Any attempt to circumvent this suspension by creating extra accounts on the forum will directly lead into a Permanent Ban from the forum.

    3rd Offense: Permanent Ban from the forum
    Upon a members third offense, the member will be Permanently Banned from the forum and will never be welcomed back.
    Comments 12 Comments
    1. SUCKEGGMULE's Avatar
      I think you've been fired. Jk, the link works fine for me though.
    1. Super Fish's Avatar
      Super Fish -
      I totally agree with the rules I am glad DFW Fish Box is up and going strong.
    1. rmalford's Avatar
      rmalford -
      New members should have to agree to these terms before joining. But that's me.
    1. donovanbrgr's Avatar
      donovanbrgr -
      well im stoked to be back on here!! just not sure whats next
    1. redgirlusa's Avatar
      redgirlusa -
      Thanks for welcoming us
    1. koicrazy's Avatar
      koicrazy -
      Why am I not allowed to post on the "want to buy" thread? Actually, several threads say I can't post....anyone know why?
    1. Gypsi's Avatar
      Gypsi -
      Koi Crazy you need at least 9 more posts and not in a buy or want to buy forum before you will get to post there, if I remember those rules correctly.
    1. Tugg's Avatar
      Tugg -
      Quote Originally Posted by koicrazy View Post
      Why am I not allowed to post on the "want to buy" thread? Actually, several threads say I can't post....anyone know why?
      Because you only have 11 posts. You need 20 before you can start a Fish Monger thread (Buy, Sell, etc). Once you hit 20, the site will update you account. It can take up to an hour.
    1. Texas Chupacabra's Avatar
      Texas Chupacabra -
      Simple enough.
    1. Goofyleen's Avatar
      Goofyleen -
      Finally found a place to meet and discuss fish in the local area! THanks!
    1. J3ster's Avatar
      J3ster -
      got it
    1. Gypsi's Avatar
      Gypsi -
      welcome to the coolest box in town