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the fish gallery
04-05-2017, 11:18 AM
Tons of awesome new haps & peacocks in full color!

Flametail ngara peacocks *beautiful!
Regal peacocks *beautiful!
Sunshine peacocks *beautiful!
German red peacocks *beautiful!
Maulana bi-color peacocks *beautiful!
Lawanda peacocks *beautiful!
Jacobfreighbergi 'red' peacocks *beautiful!
Electric blue ahli *beautiful!
Copadichromis mloto *beautiful!
Copadichromis azureus *beautiful!
Taiwan reef cichlids *beautiful!
Red empress cichlids *beautiful!
Protomelas insignis *beautiful!
Cyrtocara moori 'blue dolphin' *beautiful!
Lethrinops oculatus *beautiful!
Mottled copadichromis borelyi *beautiful!

Red zebras
yellow labridochromis
xl+ angelsfish
5" silver arowana
green terrors *small/medium and large sizes
electric blue acaras
silver dollars
3" plecostomus
clown knives
roseline sharks
'amano' algae eating shrimp
blue lobsters
mexican dwarf lobsters
...all beautiful too of course, except the plecostomus they're not so beautiful. Lol jk

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