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05-27-2014, 02:31 AM
ok. Now that i'm starting to get low about the fact i have absolutely nothing to start this 135G with and pretty broke after buying this house... I'm looking for equipment as cheap as i can get it. For now, i'm gonna start trying to cycle it on a sump without filter. Will have to add the filter later when i can afford one. Really hoping for a Fluval FX6, but FX5 will do in a pinch or equiv. Barring that, i saw those CF 1500's posted earlier this week were $100... Might have to go for that... Still don't have substrate, gonna check local nursery's and land contractors for how cheap i can get just some good old dirt that i can add my own compost (Coffee Grounds and Banana Peels) too to make some MTS. Would use my dirt, but it's recently been poisoned and not safe... Soooo, what i need:

The guy from work i was talking to fell through. Haven't seen him again, and i know he was going through some really hard times. Hope everything is ok with him and nothing bad happened, but this means i didn't get the 60G and 2X30G i was looking forward to. Was gonna use the 30G for a sump and other for a fry grow out tank / discus breeding tank... So, now i need a 40G breeder for a sump... It ain't gotta be pretty as long as it holds water. Give me your scratched up, filthy algae infest P.O.S. I'll clean it up and shove it under the stand *lol* Hell, it don't even have to hold water. Toss me your leaker and i'll reseal it.

Heaters for a 135 that can get up to 84-86 would be nice.

Sponge Filters - Wanna do 2 of the biggest ones i can find so that i can polish the water. I hear discus are kinda finicky about that, so wanna make sure it's pristine, and i've seen first hand how well these guys do the job. I know i can get them at FG or Amazon for 10-15$ and may just do that if i can't find heaters (save gas money and just order from amazon if i have to get the heaters online as well with Free shipping!)

Got dirt? Would save me from having to buy any from contractors

Got 2X4's or any panels laying around ya don't need or want? I can put them to use for the stand. I can salvage a few panels and the top trim off the stand i have with it now, but i don't trust it to hold this tank with water in it. Gonna have to build a new one... Just found out how expensive wood is these days. Built a Atrium for my snake that was 2Ft X 4Ft X 6Ft and it cost me over $200... Granted, i have some left over which will be going towards the stand, but i'm about 2-3 full length 2X4's short i think... Probably only 2.

Larger CO2 tank (not regulator ect, just tank) 10-15 Pounds... Gonna hook my current regulator up to a manifold to run it on both tanks. Right now, the 5Lb lasts me about 5-6 weeks on the 55 gal. Might only last a week with the 135G hooked up, so i need to upgrade i'm sure. Might even have to go to a 20Lb.

Your experience and suggestions on Discus tanks! This is the most valuable commodity i can get here of all, and the most appreciated! You guys have helped a lot and given me some good advice on tank mates as far as fish ect. Shown me new species i didn't even know existed and enlightened me on some that i didn't know were South American. I thought Red Heads and Geo's were African... Had no idea they were made for softer waters... One day i'll have to get some. For now though, advice on plants that are South American would be helpful too. I may have to start a new thread on that... Or continue on with tank mates thread... As well as personal experience on care for discus...

I know i'll be needing an RO/DI unit... I would assume that's something i'm not gonna be able to find around here as if they're not being used, they're probably junk.

Anything else you can think of that a good discus tank needs would be helpful! It's gonna be several months before i can get it actually started since lights, RO/DI and anything i can't find here (heck even most of what i find here probably) will have to come off the credit card as i pay it off about $70 / month. The fish as well are gonna have to be bought on that card. Wife's not letting me take anything from the bank account for it, so if i can pay through PayPal or some such, that would be awesome as well!!!

05-27-2014, 03:05 PM
I have a few 2x4's, and air pumps. only have low watt heaters. 25-100w

05-27-2014, 07:41 PM
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