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02-15-2012, 08:29 AM
Fish Monger Regulations:

Attention all buyers and sellers. This forum is provided for the purpose of providing buyers and sellers of livestock and hard goods to make trade.

DFWFishBox takes no responsibility in any offer to buy or sell and it is the buyer/seller's responsibility to research all offers and negotiate all sales.

DFWFishBox staff will not be responsible for mediating any disputes. Any and all disputes should be handled privately between the parties involved.

The Code of Conduct for use of these forums applies to everyone at all times. Failure to conform will result in loss of privileges. Moderators are monitoring the forums.


These forums exist as a service for our members and guests to trade and sell their personal items. The following rules apply:

You must have 20 post in order to post new threads in the For Sale Forum
Threads inactive after 30 days will be closed and moved to the Closed For Sale Forum, these will not be moved back. If you feel your listing is still relevant please create a new thread
Before listing an item in this forum, please update your profile to indicate your general geographic location. A general location will suffice...for instance, Dallas, Plano, Richardson, McKinney, Forth Worth etc. That will save potential buyers the trouble of sending and waiting for a return private message if the location is an important factor for them. If you do not update your profile to reflect your general location, your thread will be deleted until your profile is updated.
All items listed for sale must include a price. If you are willing to accept trades, it is also helpful to list the types of items you are interested in trading for. All post should be labeled with the following: FS = For Sale, WTT = Want To Trade. No auction threads will be allowed or postings for Best Offers. Please do not start "checking interest" type threads. If you want to check interest for an item, searching other buying/selling sites (EBay, Retailers, etc.) will give you a good idea of the demand and price range for an item, so please do your research before posting here. Any items posted for sale or trade are subject to the discretion of the DFWfishbox staff. By posting items for sale or trade you agree to these restrictions. The FISH MONGERS FORUM at DFWfishbox exists to facilitate the exchange of plants, fish, and equipment between our participating members. These are users deemed to be active participants in the exchange and discussion of information on this forum pertaining to our hobby. If you plan on placing items for sale, be aware you are expected to be a participating member first! If the staff feels a particular post or user does not follow the rules or the spirit of that forum, we reserve the right to edit or remove the thread and/or take action against the offender, who will get a private message explaining why. Additionally, the buying of goods outside of DFWfishbox for the express purpose of reselling them here, or the assembly of items for sale here is not appropriate. We do not want to have "store front" sellers running a continuous business. We encourage our members to use more appropriate internet sites for such activity. Retail endeavors of any size also may not post in the Fish Mongers forum. This includes any commercial businesses, large and small. We do offer low cost sponsorship opportunities that include a dedicated forum where you are free to post items for sale. Please contact us via pm for more information.
All items offered for sale must be aquarium related. This includes cameras.
All items should have a high-quality photo and/or positive identification of the item, preferably both. Posts with poor quality photos and/or lacking identification of the item may be removed.
Descriptions should be as complete as possible. For example, include the number of stems per bunch, the volume of moss, or the size of the plant. Descriptions of growing conditions for sensitive or rare plants are always appreciated.
Dry goods and hardware should be described as completely as possible. Age, condition, and known defects should be noted. For lighting, list the approximate number of hours the bulbs used.
No commercial listings will be allowed in the Fish Mongers Forum. If you are repeatedly trading or selling new equipment, have multiples of the same new item(s), a revolving thread where the list of fish is constantly changing, or being able to "get anything" a poster may ask for is a sure-fire way to have your post removed as "commercial" and possibly banned from the site.
One thread per listing, you will not be allowed to start multiple threads for the same item you are attempting to sell.
No illegal items are to be sold on DFWFishBox. This includes items that are stolen or otherwise illegal in the state of Texas. Texas Parks and Wildlife is very clear about what fish are allowed to be kept, bought, and sold in the state. Please be familiar with what is allowed before posting on DFWFishBox. If you post an illegal fish for sell, or looking to buy, your thread will be removed and possibly reported to authorities.
If your item sells, please update your thread to reflect the item(s) status as SOLD and close your thread.
In the event you receive items through the good will of members or a donation. Do not sell the items, they should be offered back to the person who offered the good will or pass it on to the next hobbyist.

Please keep in mind that these forums are a service DFWFishBox provides. Following the above guidelines help make the forums more user-friendly, and certainly makes them easier to moderate.

Pricing and terms, including shipping method, should be clearly spelled out. Values are assumed to be in US currency unless clearly noted. Auctions and bids are not allowed.

The sale of any items illegally collected from nature is not allowed. Ads must clearly state the source of all items for sale collected directly from the environment. Plants listed on either the Federal Noxious Weed list or the noxious weed list of your state should not be put up for sale on DFWfishbox.

Want ads are encouraged and should be posted in the WANT TO BUY FORUM. It's a great way to ask for desired plants. However, please offer a trade or agree to at least cover the cost of shipping. Wanton begging will lead to deleted posts. It is impolite and has no place in this forum. Moderator's discretion is final when identifying begging-type posts.

Communicate, communicate, communicate! By simply keeping the other party to the transaction updated on timing and shipping method (i.e., tracking number) most of the problems experienced in transactions could be avoided.

While DFWfishbox facilitates sales between members, we DO NOT endorse either the buyer or the seller. All disputes must be handled by the parties to the transaction. DFWFishbox and its staff will not be held liable for anything related to the transaction. DFWFishbox WILL NOT mediate on behalf of any party to the transaction.

Posting an item for sale will imply your agreement to these terms and conditions, as well as those in our user agreement.

The "Fish Mongers" forum is expressly for selling and trading plants, related equipment and applies to all forums on DFWfishbox.