View Full Version : Finally hopped on the gfo bandwagon

10-24-2011, 10:13 PM
After hearing many rant and rave about the stuff, i finally tried it in my sw tanks. I also bought some of the ROX carbon to try out cause my fowlr had a slight yellow tint when you look at it from the side and i hate it. after a few days, i had to do a double take when i walked by the tanks, they looked amazing! the water is incredibly sparkly and clear looking, whatever nuisance algae was in there is all dieing off real quick, and in my little nano reef i noticed a ton of growth in the staghorn in only 5-7 days of using the stuff, and my zoas are open way wider than i have ever seen them.

Only thing i wasnt too happy with was when i first put the stuff in, the water was kinda cloudy for a while in my nano, not black or brown like the media, but like a milky color. not sure what was going on there, or if it was even related to me putting the new media in.

Guess the point to this thread is, if you havent given it a try yet, give the stuff a shot! it is definitely something i plan on using from now on in both my tanks :D