View Full Version : Airpump question

01-25-2010, 08:32 PM
I am about to set up a 135g tall and am looking for an airpump. I found Fusion 700 Airpump rated for 110g and dual outlets. Do you think this would work ok on a couple of sponge filters in this tank?

01-25-2010, 09:59 PM
I like air bubbles in my tanks so I have an air pump on every single tank I own, some running sponge filters, some just running an airstone, so I've used just about all the major brands. I would choose an air pump that you can get the bellows (those rubber cups that wear out, I think that's what they're called) for. Not all air pumps have parts available (remember when they sold them on those big cards in every LFS? Well, not any more. . . ). So, I chose the AP150 and 300 (easy to get repair kits for those at Ken's Fish). I've got two in about 18-month continuous use and they've yet to give me any trouble or show any signs of wear. They aren't the cheapest but not the most expensive either. They're strong enough to push air to a sponge filter in a deep tank like you're needing (I'd get the AP300). The Air Pods are good air pumps and their repair kits are also cheap and available from Ken's Fish. So I have those on some of my smaller tanks. They get loud when they need a bellows change (that occured at about 8 months of use). Years ago I had the Luft air pump and loved it (sorry I gave that away and I'm too cheap to spend $50+ each to put one on all my tanks).

I had that Fusion air pump for a while on an airstone skimmer in a small coral growout tank I had and it was loud and wore out in just a couple of months. We had trouble finding parts for it so it is retired. I also had been buying the Petsmart air pumps because they have a lifetime guarantee; however, I was told at my last visit that they will honor the guarantee for 30 days only in the store and then you have to MAIL it in for a refund or replacement (how silly).

Good luck on your project!