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01-07-2010, 10:00 PM
Hi guys,

I am going to soon have a couple questions for y'all... We have a small group from our chruch that meets at our house every couple weeks. At our New Years Eve party last week one of the members said that her son had brought home a fish tank for her. He had been doing some work at a strip center and came across a tank in a closed store front. He asked the manager about the tank and he told him to take it.

When he got it home his mom said that she could not use it because it was too big for the location she wants a new tank. (She needs a tall or a hex tank.) She said that she had no idea how she was going to get rid of it. I asked her if she just wanted to get rid of it or sell it, and how much. She called her son and he said to just take it.

So today for our bible study/football watching gathering she brought the tank to me. How cool is that... they told me that the tank was the same size as my big tank in the living room which is a 55 gallon.

So when I go to get it out of the truck I have to stop and get help to lift it out. It's much bigger than my 55. I got so excited that I measured it before I went to get the help. Overall it's 51"X16"X24" (LxWxH) but that is to the top of the frame for the 24". I have a feeling that the way the tank is built I can only go up 20" to where the the glass framework is on the inside. So, if I did it right it's a 70 to 75 gallon tank.

It has a an overflow in the back left hand corner of the tank and has holes drilled in the top of the tank on both sides.

That is where I am going to be asking some questions. The over flow is the standard black box covering the back corner of the tank. It has the slots cut into the front and that dumps into a small thin compartment that looks like it is designed for a sheet of filter material. It then has about four compartments for "stuff". I know that the holes are for either a canister filter or a sump, but I am not sure about all the rest of the compartments in the over flow.

I don't think that whoever used the tank before knew how to use them either. The tank came with a HOB that looks close to my Emperor 400. I have not had a chance to really look at so I don't know if it is a 400 and missing the bio-wheels or if it's an older filter that does not use them. It looks like there is no way to actually use a bio-wheel and it only has the slots for a single filter cartage.

It will be a while before I actually set up the tank anyway. I have to build a stand and canopy for it, and clean the tank. It's covered in calcium and needs a good soaking with water and vinegar. It also has gravel in the tank and looks like it has the under gravel filter trays under the gravel.

I look forward to being able to set this tank up...


01-07-2010, 10:10 PM
Wow, that is a nice score.
Maybe take some pics of the tank and over-flow and
I'm sure someone here can help ya figure it out.

01-07-2010, 11:54 PM
i think you are supposed to put a sponge filter, biomedia, heater and whatever else in those back compartments. but yeah, great score.

01-08-2010, 12:25 AM
OK, here are the photos that I just went out and snapped... Sorry that some of them are blurry down deep... It's really cold out in the garage and I did not want to stay out there too long and I did not have enough to do to fire up the heater.

Here is a shot of the entire tank... It's in the middle of one bay of the garage so I could not get right in front of the tank. But I think you get the idea of what the tank looks like.


Here are a couple shots of the overflow in the back of the tank. Yes... this tank is really dirty and I am going to have some real fun cleaning it up.





This is the great gravel covering the tank. I did scrape up part of it to look and the bottom glass is clear. It also looks like there are two of the under gravel filter plates under the gravel.


Here are the two holes in the back of the tank. You can also see the strips of glass that are on the front an back glass and one of the cross members.



My first job on the tank will to be get the gravel and crap out of the tank. I am then going to put it on a board (to make sure the bottom is level) and fill it with water and add some vinegar to it. I will be able to see if it leaks and let it soak so I can clean all that calcium off it.


TDsapp added 11 Minutes and 5 Seconds later...

i think you are supposed to put a sponge filter, biomedia, heater and whatever else in those back compartments. but yeah, great score.

But does it replace a filter or the sump in that case? I would think that it would be more like a pre-filter\bio ball area but it would still need to be ran through something else.

As I said, I have a bit more research to do.


01-08-2010, 05:56 AM
You might see if it is a DAS tank when you do research.

01-08-2010, 07:12 AM
That really does look like a DAS tank. Not that that is a bad thing necessarily. However, they are pretty complicated until you see one up and running (and I believe one of those sections was for a skimmer). I think several members have purchased older DAS tanks and converted them (plexiglassed over the holes and removed the overflow box), so that might be possible (for freshwater application, that's what I'd do personally, but then I just really dislike sumps). However, you might just go visit with someone that has an up-and-running DAS tank so you can see how it's configured and you could probably easily figure out how to set yours up.

And, although DAS does get a bad reputation for leaking, I have a good friend that has had a DAS tank (reef) since the early '90s in continuous use and it's never leaked and is just a beautiful piece of furniture.

Good luck with your new tank. I bet it will be really beautiful when completed.

01-08-2010, 07:47 AM
It might be a DAS since they seem to advertise having the filter built in to the overflow. However, so far, I have not been able to find a photo on the net that shows the overflow or has the dimensions of the tank.

If it is a DAS does everyone think I should strip and reseal the tank before using it? Or test the tank and if it does not leak then use it as is?

If it's a full reseal job then I will start another thread on the best way to do it.

If anyone knows if this is a DAS or if it's another manufacture then please pipe up and let me know.