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  1. FireWater Aquatics is here for all your fish needs
  2. Stock list as of Oct. 24th 2013 at 8 p.m, another shipment coming in wed
  3. New Fish Order
  4. Huge cichlid order coming in
  5. Free giveawys
  6. Doing an order in 24 hrs
  7. Remodel is almost finished
  8. What would you like to see in a fish store?
  9. Fish order
  10. Fish are acclimated and ready to go
  11. Lots of fish in including discus and some cool plecos
  12. Last Call for orders for tmrw Tuesday the 19th
  13. Shipment today
  14. Cichlids, plecos, tetras, rope fish and more
  15. HUGE shipment just came in
  16. Thanksgiving Specials
  17. Stock as of December 2nd
  18. Christmas Tank Sale
  19. Food, filters, media, ect. order
  20. Fish and plant order
  21. African peacocks, eels, plecos, discus, angels, rams, and more
  22. Making a fish order later today
  23. Fish order list that will be here tmrw
  24. XL VC-10 and large O.B. Peacock
  25. Over 50 Peacocks, Haps, and Zebras in for the weekend
  26. Panda Pigeonblood Discus for sale
  27. Making a fish order tomorrow.
  28. New stock just came in this afternoon
  29. Today only sale
  30. XL VC-10 in stock
  31. What is coming in on tuesday
  32. New order that came today
  33. List of what is coming in tmrw
  34. $10 peacocks and mbunas
  35. FireWater Aquatics is getting a retail location
  36. It's been a long 2 months but the store is about to be open
  37. FireWater Aquatics will be open this weekend
  38. Passed the inspection!!
  39. FireWater Aquatics is now open
  40. PLacinf a fish order today for tmrw
  41. What is on the order for Tmrw
  42. Taking all special orders for this week now
  43. FWA now has Live Black Worms
  44. Taking Orders for this week now
  45. What I got in today
  46. Come check out FWA
  47. Trying to get the saltwater side setup
  48. New FS order
  49. 4th of July weekend special orders and hours
  50. $10 African Peacocks until Sunday
  51. New Shipment for the weekend.... Discus are in!!!
  52. Free RO water Sundays
  53. Taking Orders for this week now
  54. FWa is teaming up with Red Oak School District and we need your help
  55. New shipment it!! It's a good one
  56. Satan. leucosticta
  57. Live Black Worms are in again
  58. Free black worms
  59. Red Oak ISD
  60. Great meeting you
  61. 7-18 Shipment is in cichlids, shrimp, and saltwater fish
  62. 10% off entire purchase sunday 7-19
  63. 10% off today only
  64. It's Christmas in July at FWA!!
  65. New shipment 7-25
  66. Will be placing a fish order on Monday for Tuesday
  67. Free Black Worms
  68. 7-29 shipment... Live brine shrimp is in!!
  69. If you like Discus you have got to see what I have
  70. New Shipment 8-1
  71. Special order for tmrw
  72. Marbled Hatchets are in
  73. Fish specials for the weekend
  74. Sundays stock list
  75. New Shipment 8/12
  76. This weeks specials
  77. todays specials
  78. Coral is in!!
  79. New Shipment 8/15 with specails
  80. This Weekends specials
  81. New driftwood and Holey rock is in
  82. Back to school specials fri 22nd- sun 24
  83. New Saltwater Shipment
  84. I will be closing today at 4 for my son's birthday
  85. Aug 28- Sept 1rst Specials
  86. Labor Day special
  87. 2 different orders coming in tmrw
  88. 2 seperate orders today and they are amazing
  89. Taking orders now
  90. Tuesdays are 2 for $20
  91. 10% off all Sw today only
  92. New shipment
  93. Cowboys won!
  94. 2 for $20 Tuesday and discus special
  95. New Shipment with specials
  96. Update